beerp-fxruby1BEERP is a commercial ERP built entirely with the FXRuby library. Most of the work has been done in BELIB, our library which allows building database-driven GUIs very quickly, in a RAD way. The library has features like the ability to « travel » along database foreign keys easily, in both ways, or support for many-to-many relationships. We rely on the Active Record Object-Relational Mapper to link the GUI to the database. But most of the business logic is done inside the Postgresql database, in PLPGSQL, allowing both speed and centralization of code.


We have extended the standard controls with a few things like an interactive planner: it allows the user to insert appointments in a easy and intuitive way.

During all the development cycle, all our attention has been focused on how effective is our GUI: that’s why you can work most of the time without the mouse, only with the keyboard.

We have also developed a small « Launcher », which allows deploying our application and its updates easily. This tool allows us to deploy the ruby environement, the library, the application, resources, ODBC driver, and MS Access database used for reporting on all the client computers.